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CoreBiblio implements solutions for Christian schools of all sizes. We strike a unique balance between simple yet powerful services and superior customer support. We are passionate about providing educators with easy access to cost effective services. We are committed to continually improving the quality of online resources while providing schools with real solutions that enable greater stewardship of financial resources.

Who We Are...

Simply defined, we are a software company. More powerfully put, we are creative innovators who look at the future with optimism and embrace technology and the power of synergy gained through common needs and collaborative efforts. Simplicy and continuous improvement is our way of life.

What We Do...

Our straight forward approach supports student learning by streamlining organizational processes, promoting collaboration, and personalizing learning. Our services simplify access to core resources, while we train and support new and existing customers both electronically and by phone.

Our Vision...

CoreBiblio understands how excessive technology and overly complicated support services negatively impact the day-to-day and the bottom line. Our vision is to provide 'Simple Tools for Christian Schools' that actually simplify and improve support needs within the organization. Our products will change the conversations in meeting rooms so that schools can focus their time on educational pursuits and not getting bogged down with technology and support issues. Ultimately our tools allow schools to spend more time working on improving student learning.

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